A service for oboe repair, maintenance, reeds & cane by Mary Simon

About our Cane


After 25 years of processing and selling Grimaud cane, David and Vendla Weber have retired. Since they value their customers who have come to rely on their cane, the Webers wanted to provide a continuing source for gouged and shaped oboe cane. With their approval, we now have the Graf gouger set up by David Weber himself as well as his 1-B and 1-C shaper tips. If you are a returning Weber Reeds customer, you can be confident that we are offering the same cane.

Given our experience with the Webers' cane selection practices, we have decided to eliminate the distinctions between previously branded "standard" and "premium" cane in favor of offering one quality of cane that meets our selection requirements. We have priced our cane to split the difference.

The same diameter sizes are available: 9.5-10, 10-10.5 and 10.5-11. However, we have discontinued the most narrow shape, 1-A. The remaining options include both the medium (1-B) and wide (1-C) shapes.

--Ordering Instructions: Method 1--

Navigate our online store by clicking on the products below.

Payments by credit card are processed via PayPal, but you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to complete your purchase. You will be taken to PayPal's gateway where you may "PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD" to check out as a guest.

--Ordering Instructions: Method 2--

You may send an email (using the form below) with the following information: 

  • product (gouged cane, shaped cane, reeds, combination of multiple products)
  • number of pieces
  • diameter (9.5-10, 10-10.5, 10.5-11)
  • shape if applicable (1-B, 1-C)
  • email address & shipping address
  • special requests for delivery options **If unspecified, the default is first class for $8.95 shipping & handling. Priority, express and international mail will be assessed additional charges. Local customers may choose to pickup their order in-person (no shipping charge for store pickup).**

When we receive your order, we will email you an invoice via PayPal, which can be paid with any major credit card (you do NOT need to have a PayPal account). Or if you would like to pay by check, indicate that in your order and we will provide instructions for how to proceed.


Reeds and cane are generally processed to-order: allow 1 week for your order to be prepared. Items that are already on-hand will ship right away. Backorders or larger quantities will take longer to prepare. If you need your order to be expedited, contact us and we will make every effort to accommodate your request. Note that orders will only ship after we have received payment. We will notify you once your order has shipped.

Ordering Options

$3.50 per piece of Grimaud cane, gouged only. Diameter: 9.5-10, 10-10.5, 10.5-11

$3.90 per piece of Grimaud cane, gouged & shaped. Shape: 1-B, 1-C

$20 per light reed

$25 per pro reed

$8.95 first class shipping & handling

Additional charges for priority or international.

If you encounter any technical difficulties during checkout, please call or email us.

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