clean, oil, adjust, tune, crack pinning, tone hole insert, soldering, replace pads and corks

Clean, Oil & Adjust (COA)

This is your instrument's annual maintenance. Service includes: disassembling the instrument; cleaning the tone holes, body & bore; replacing pads and bumper corks as needed; testing & regulating springs; cleaning & oiling rods; regulating the adjustment screws; play-testing.

$100-250 for instruments we service regularly. May be done in 1-2 days.

$180-350 if we are seeing your instrument for the first time. Allow up to 1 week.

Additional work will be done at our discretion or upon customer request and may incur additional cost: removing octave vents, replacing tenon corks, polishing tarnished keys, etc.

Make known to us your budget, and we will always do as much work as we can within your limits.

Crack Repair

Depending on the location and extent of the crack, a crack repair may involve any combination of: gluing to seal the leak, pinning to stabilize the wood, installing tone hole inserts to allow the pads to seal.

$120 for the first pin, $30 each additional pin

$60-90 per tone hole insert

The instrument must be left at the shop for multiple days.

Tenon Cork or Bocal Cork Replacement

Flat rate of $30-45 per cork


For older instruments in need of tone hole refacing, full repad, replacement of springs, mechanical restoration, key fitting and more.

Typically upwards of $1,000

Other Services

Contact us to inquire about your specific needs.